plotting – Rasterize does not give the same size as the original image

I have this plot where I assigned a specific image size

Module[{XZ = 284, YZ = 110}, 
 plot = Plot[Sin[2 x], {x, -6, 6}, Frame -> True, 
   ImageSize -> Automatic -> {XZ, YZ}, 
   LabelStyle -> {FontFamily -> "Helvetica", Black, FontSize -> 13}, 
   FrameStyle -> Black]]  

enter image description here

Then I would like to use Rasterize but need the output image to be the same size as the one from the plot

Module[{XZ = 284, YZ = 110}, 
 Rasterize[plot, RasterSize -> 800, 
  ImageSize -> Automatic -> {XZ, YZ}]]  

but the generated image is smaller? How can I make Rasterize give the same size as the original one?

enter image description here