plotting – Ratio involving CDF and PDF of a standard normal random variable behaves unexpected when plotted

Good morning,

I am plotting the function $h(x)$, see below, and obtain an oscillating behavior in the range $x in (7.2,8.3)$ that cannot be explained by the function itself. Also for $x ge 8.4$ it seems to be a constant function which is not plausible either, and the limit for $x to infty$ should be $-1$ and not $0.5$ as visually indicated.

Here is the code:

h(x_):=(x*CDF(NormalDistribution(0, 1), x)*Log(CDF(NormalDistribution(0, 1), x)))/PDF(NormalDistribution(0, 1), x);  Plot(h(x), {x, -7, 20})

There seems to be a numerical issue that I cannot resolve. Do you have any idea?
Thanks for your support,