plotting – Shift data of the form `Plot[g, {x, 0, 100},ImageSize->Large,….etc.]`

If I have the following:

Show[data1, data2, data3,PlotRange -> {All, All}]

where data1, data2 and data3 are of the form Plot[g, {x, 0, 100},ImageSize->Large,....etc.]

How can I shift the data that I see in Show for data1, data2 and data3 without modifying the g of the data itself?

I was trying something like this, in order to shift the y axis of the plot stored in data1 by 0.1, the plot stored in data2 by 0.2 and the plot stored in data3 by 0.3:

Show[data1/. {x_, y_} -> {x, y+0.1}, data2/. {x_, y_} -> {x, y+0.2}, data3/. {x_, y_} -> {x, y+0.1},PlotRange -> {All, All}]

I know that the easiest way is simply to use /. {x_, y_} -> {x, y+0.1} in the individual data but I was wondering if it is possible to do like this?