plugins – Disable WooCommerce cart page

I’m building a WooCommerce website. I will be selling 4 packages and will be offering some upsells in the checkout using the WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons plugin.

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

1. I would like to hide the WooCommerce cart page. Make it inaccessible.

2. I would like the cart to empty itself if the user navigates away from the checkout.

I have found a plugin, called Disable cart page for WooCommerce, that almost does what I want, but not quite. This plugin hides the cart page and empties the cart before another product is added. However, it disables the ability to add multiple products to an order which means users can not add any upsells to their order at checkout. It allows users to buy only 1 product at a time.

Here’s my situation:

I have created 1 variable product with 4 different variations and allow only 1 of this product to be purchased in a single order. These are the 4 main packages of my service that I offer on the website.

I have also created a bunch of simple products. These are the upsells that customers will be able to add to their order at checkout on top of the main package that they choose.

Here’s the issue:

If the customer navigates away from the checkout with the package and all of the upsells in the cart, the cart keeps the products inside the cart. Which means the cart will not allow the customer to select a different package because a package was already chosen and added to cart.

Therefore I need the cart to empty itself if the user navigates away from the checkout so he can add a different package to cart if he wants to.

The cart page is simply unnecessary because my customers get redirected straight to checkout after adding a package to their cart. So it would be great if customers trying to reach the cart page would simply get redirected to the checkout.

Is this possible?