plugins – WooCommerce Web-based Courses Subscriptions. Looking for input

I need some help with figuring what the best plugin stack would be with selling and hosting online courses (e-learning) with WooCommerce. Here are some details and what I’ve come up with already:

  • The user can purchase multiple subscriptions and add additional users to their account. I’m using the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin (
  • Need to be able to offer discounts. If the user purchases 20 or more subscriptions of a single product (course) they get a 10% discount on the total.
  • The product (course) is not downloadable, but will be a page on the site that is accessible to logged in users who have an active subscription. There is a field for downloadable files, but I want it to be just a URL, not a forced download.
    • Also, we need to be able to lock that specific page down. I’m assuming it would need to be a custom template with a query to see if they are logged in and have a active subscription.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.