pnp – How to add a link to the title or image so that it takes them to Delve profile page?

I am using search verticals and search results and search box in a search page. If I search for a person and select people vertical, the simple list view is showing people in list view so I changed the result types and kept a condition where contentclass contains SPSPeople it has an inline template with the code below, added some images for reference . My question is how to add a link to an image or title so that it takes a user to Delve profile page?

   <style> .template_listItem { min-height: 10px; } </style>

   <div class="personaCard">

    {{#with (split AccountName '|' FirstName '|' LastName '|' WorkPhone)}}




       data-text="{{../FirstName}} {{../LastName}}"