pnp powershell – Get Copy Link Value from Document Library Files

I am in the process of moving files to Sharepoint Online. Some of the files will have a share assigned to them (obtained via the ‘Copy Link’ option) in the format

I want to get a list of all links using the PnP Powershell Framework but cannot find the field in the ListItem or File object that contains the information. If i select the file in Sharepoint Online, i can see a link icon which has tooltip ‘1 link giving access’ in the ‘Has Access’ Info panel.

I can get the relative URL information (

My script is as follows:

#Get Credentials
$creds = Get-Credential -UserName $user -Message "Enter password."

Connect-PnPOnline –Url $site –Credentials $creds

#Get All Items to see which one i want
Get-PnPListItem -List $docLibrary

#get more info for my test file which has ID = 295
$checkItem = Get-PnPListItem -List $docLibrary -Id 295

#See all field values for the check item

I cannot see the link information in any of the field values.

I have also tried the File object but again, cannot obviously see where the information is.

$checkFile = Get-PnpFile -Url $link

Note: the $link in the above line is the relative URL

Is this possible using the PnP Framework and do i just need to dig further into the object to get what i need or is it not possible.