Possible scam by PhoenixNAP | Web Hosting Talk

I attempted to sign up with PhoenixNAP at the very beginning of July, at the urging of a friend who was having trouble signing us up at OVH. Boy, was that a mistake.

I set up our account, and attempted to register for a 12 month reservation of a server configuration. It signed me up for 12 months… of a completely different server configuration. So I cancelled that.

Then friend attempted to use the account to sign up for the originally intended server configuration. It signed us up for 12 months of yet a different unwanted server configuration. So we cancelled that as well.

At this point, I decided we should not do business with PhoenixNAP, and went with OVH instead, paying with my Privacy.com virtual card allocated specifically for OVH. PhoenixNAP attempted to swing me back to working with them, but made no mention of the two reservations.

I removed my card information from CCBill, a business that Google searches would seem to indicate is a questionable billing service. They managed to bill my card regardless, so I reported them to my bank and cancelled the card and got a replacement. PhoenixNAP returned the money and my bank eventually removed the temporary credit they gave me.

I refuse to give any further details to either PhoenixNAP or CCBill now. They continue to email me multiple times per week with my “late payment” notices for these reservations for server configurations that were not only wrong, but that I have yet to use, and no longer want anyway.