Post Exchanges With | Forum Promotion

I am now open to post exchanges with my site Cafe Discussions It was formerly called Mind Piff and is the exact same site I’ve had. We have obtained a decent amount of posts at this time. It’s also a general discussion forum with many topics to post about and many different opportunities to get the posts.

I am open to one time anywhere between 10/10-20/20 exchanges. If you want to do a 5/5 we can but I prefer 10/10 exchanges on average which I don’t mind at all. If you need more posts then a 20/20 would be a good exchange.

I don’t do daily because when you have enough users participating it gets hard to keep up. However, I definitely don’t mind doing one-off exchanges more then once, considerably several or a handful of times once both parties agree.

Whoever goes first is unimportant to me and I’d even be willing to go first unless your new to forum promotion then it would be good for you to start.

There may be time periods in the future where I have the thread locked and then re-opened or take a break from it but I should be open for exhanges for a good while. Come check out the site if you haven’t seen it already and reply below your site and I will join and let me know what kind of trade you want. Cheers. ~TopSilver