postgresql – Data from tables in PgAdmin can not be output because the operator oid is missing

I'm currently running Postgresql 10.6 locally, which I use with PgAdmin 4.12. Everything went well until today. However, today I ran the following query in the Pgadmin query editor:

'SELECT * FROM test_table LIMIT 100'

and got the following error:

ERROR:  operator does not exist: - oid at character 125
HINT:  No operator matches the given name and argument type. You might need to add an explicit type cast.
STATEMENT:  SELECT at.attname, at.attnum, ty.typname
        FROM pg_attribute at LEFT JOIN pg_type ty ON (ty.oid = at.atttypid)
        WHERE attrelid=-1519044407::oid AND attnum = ANY (
            (SELECT con.conkey FROM pg_class rel LEFT OUTER JOIN pg_constraint con ON con.conrelid=rel.oid
            AND con.contype='p' WHERE rel.relkind IN ('r','s','t', 'p') AND rel.oid = -1519044407::oid)::oid())

The strange thing is, if I execute the same command on tables created yesterday, the data is successfully output to the Pgadmin data output window. I also tried to execute the same command with psql:

psql -U postgres -d geodata -c 'SELECT * FROM test_table LIMIT 100'

that was successful too. I can create tables in Pgadmin, but do not output directly. Each new table I create and then spend ends with the topmost error. The only difference is the OID changes. I uninstalled Pgadmin and made sure to delete all remaining folders and reinstall them without modification.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem is? Is the problem with pgadmin or is my postgresql server damaged in any way?