postgresql – How to case text array elements automatically?

According to PostgreSQL documentation on the ARRAY constructor:

By default, the array element type is the common type of the member
expressions, determined using the same rules as for UNION or CASE
constructs (see Section 10.5). You can override this by explicitly
casting the array constructor to the desired type, for example

SELECT ARRAY(1,2,22.7)::integer();
(1 row)

This works for converting elements to integers, and for simple types:

SELECT ARRAY( 'name', 1)::text();
(1 row)

But the casting does not seem to work for complex elements such as array elements:

SELECT ARRAY( 'name', 1, ARRAY('world'))::text();
ERROR:  malformed array literal: "name"
LINE 1: SELECT ARRAY( 'name', 1, ARRAY('world'))::text();
DETAIL:  Array value must start with "{" or dimension information.

My question is:

Is there a way to make automatic conversion work for text()?

(i.e. make the above conversion work without having to write SELECT ARRAY( 'name'::text, 1::text, ARRAY('world')::text);)