postgresql – inserting date range arrays daterange[]

I’m trying to insert the value of an attribute of a tuple, which would be an array of date ranges, i.e. a daterange [], in a previous tuple accepted the value


but now I would like to insert this array, with more than one range

{"[19-03-2018,29-12-2020]","[21-06-2018,29-12-2020]", "[17-07-2018,29-12-2020]", 
        "[18-04-2018,30-07-2018]", "[01-08-2019,19-11-2019]"}

I have tried all possible solutions,putting the outer quotes

 '{"[19-03-2018,29-12-2020]","[21-06-2018,29-12-2020]", "[17-07-2018,29-12-2020]", 
        "[18-04-2018,30-07-2018]", "[01-08-2019,19-11-2019]"}'

putting the internal single quotes instead of the double ones, but nothing works.

gives me the error:

argument formats can't be mixed

Thanks to those who will help me.