PostgreSQL: Reference whole-table – Database Administrators Stack Exchange

I have a project where data is being updated by 14 different users that will run over the course of a few months, collection approximately 5.5 thousand rows.. To avoid giving write access to each other’s db I have given each their own DB with r/w access. At the end of the collection period I plan to collect them all to a single DB where they all will have read access only, still as individual tables.

My question comes to the following problem. In addition to 14 user tables brought into the read only DB, a last table will be created that will geo-reference each of the other tables as data collected at a specific location for use in POSTGIS.

All of the tutorials and docs I’ve looked at talk about referencing specific column values in another table, but never the whole table. Roughly the GPS geo-referencing table would look something like this:

x_lat,y_long   table_l
z_lat,w_long   table_m
a_lat,b_long   table_n

However from what I’ve been able to find online the REFERENCES column type is limited to something resembling the following:

x_lat,y_long   col_z_value

Is the only solution to, when bring all the tables from different the individual DB’s, to simply bring them into a single table where each row can be referenced by the individual device ID or user ID? I wanted to avoid having to do it that because 5500 rows x 14 tables will be rather large.

Based on the above context I am open to other solutions as well.

Thanks very much for any input!