postgresql – Why is OR statement slow in postgres when used with EXISTS

I have a table with 600000 records. My query is filtering by two columns one being indexed and it’s called ancestry and the other being type and it has 3 values (1,2,3) and it is not indexed.

When running the first part alone it takes 1 second to get the results. The query being:

SELECT * FROM geolocations
   SELECT 1 FROM geolocations g2
   WHERE g2.ancestry = 
      CONCAT(geolocations.ancestry, '/',

The other query runs in 0.7 seconds:

SELECT * FROM geolocations
WHERE location_type = 2

When combining both queried with an OR it takes around 70 seconds to finish if it ever finishes. I ended up using a union and it returns result in less than 2 seconds which is logical to me.

My question is, what exactly in the way postgres executes the original OR query that makes it this slow?