Post’s “Read More” redirects to wrong post

I have a page on my website with a grid of posts. They are ascending in alphabetical order.

One particular post, that was most recently added, links to the next post in alphabetical order. It also takes that post’s place in on the “posts” page. I cannot figure out why.

For instance…

(post a) (post b) (post d)

Post b links to what should be post c.

If I make post b a draft, everything works fine again.

Here is the weirdest part… If I edit the next in line post (alphabetically) that post disappears too. I’ve edited the next three posts and now those three aren’t showing up. And (post b) now links to next in line. So strange…

Here is a list of the posts on the page in WordPress Admin:
enter image description here

Here is how it renders:
enter image description here

Unfortunately I can’t post links to the website.