power automate – Inviting a guest User to a SharePoint Site using PowerAutomate

We are developing a PowerAutomate Flow to automate the process of inviting external users to a SharePoint Site.

Below are the steps being followed so far

Created an MS Form for an external user to register
Passing the response**(Email)** from the form to the flow
Adding the user to a SharePoint Group using email parameter and sending an email invite to the External User(Requirement)
I have been able to get to point no 2 , However I have been experiencing challenges achieving point no 3

Came across different articles online for adding a guest users , However most of them talk about adding the guest to Azure AD as shown below


How to build a guest user self-service registration for Office 365 with Azure

How To Invite External Users Using Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Graph API

Also checked a few articles for running PowerShell commands from Flow , However this approach doesn’t look straightforward either

The below article works only for internal users https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/add-the-users-to-the-sharepoint-groups-using-microsoft-flow/

The end goal here is to invite external user to a SharePoint Site once the user registers himself through a registration form (MS Form)

Would appreciate if anyone could help me out in achieving this.

Thanks in advance