Power Automate – Send an email after the flow checks an Excel file for when a contract is expiring in 30 days

I’ve been going in circles trying to get my Power Automate flow to work and would like to know if anybody has a fix for my problem. What I’d like my flow to do:

In my excel sheet on SharePoint, there’s a column that has “Contract End Date”. Everyday in the morning at 9:00am to have an automatic recurrence flow to check if any of the values under “Contract End Date” expire in 30 days-using “addDays(utcNow(), 30, ‘yyyy-MM-dd’)”, and for those contracts that do expire in 30 days to send an Email to a validator with a table that has the name of the contractor expiring and the date it does.

Obstacle: The current issue with my flow is that when it sends the Email, it’ll send multiple counts of the email to each person. For example, if 5 people’s contracts were to expire in 30 days, my current flow would send 5 of the same email with the table of the 5 people’s contracts and names to the validator. I was wondering if anybody had a workaround.