power query – In Excel, is there a way to combine specific columns from different worksheets into one worksheet by appending them to the end of the previous one?

My office has about 8 worksheets that track dates following the process of their specific projects. There are 6 dates of interest that are common across all of these worksheets, but since every process is different, every sheet is different. We want to set up a master workbook that retrieves these 6 dates from each spreadsheet so that we can monitor them across the office, automate calculations, etc.

So my essential dilemma is that in worksheet 1, I want all the data in columns A, B, and C. Then in worksheet 2 I want columns B, D, and F, and in worksheet 3 I want columns K, L, and M, etc., and I’d like to line them up and append them. So my resulting spreadsheet would look like:

1A 1B 1C
2B 2D 2F
3K 3L 3M

This doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult of a task, but I can’t seem to find a solution. I’ve been trying to investigate the Append feature of PowerQuery, but I can only seem to pull each entire spreadsheet, and they aren’t appended into the same columns. For example, the first spreadsheet would fill in columns A through N and then the second spreadsheet would be pulled in and appended in columns O through AC, etc.

Any help would be appreciated!