powershell – Does Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues support DateTime field in SharePoint Online document library

I am using Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues to set default values in document library in SharePoint Online and one of the column is DateTime.

When I run this cmdlet for DateTime field I don’t get any error but when I click on “Column default value settings” in the Library settings page, I am getting Sorry, something went wrong page (An unexpected error has occurred.), does this cmdlet corrupting library settings?

Also how to set column level default values for DateTime field please?


Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List "Temp" -Field "DateClosed" -Value "01/08/2020" 


Set-PnPDefaultColumnValues -List "Temp" -Field "DateClosed" -Value "25 September 2020 14:02:52"

Both are leading to “Something went wrong” page.

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