powershell – List directory contents on Windows in hex or other form that shows the non-ASCII chars in detail

I need to determine the unicode normalization used for specific on-disk file names in Windows 10.

Specifically, I need to see if a file name uses NFC or NFD form for non-ASCII latin characters such as “ΓΌ”.

In Linux, I can do this:

ls | xxd

This will show the dir listing as hex bytes.

How do I achieve something similar in Windows? It doesn’t have to be hex – any other escaped form is okay as well, e.g. in C string format (such as uCC86).

It doesn’t have to be a built-in command. If you can point me to other programs, that’s helpful, too.

Or am I making wrong assumptions in regards to Windows file names, i.e. does Windows always enforce NFC on-disk? I know Linux doesn’t, and I expect Windows (NTFS in particular) to behave the same.