preferences – Is there a command/simple method to restore all “defaults” settings?

defaults read prints out all the preferences for all apps.

defaults write … … can be used to set preferences

But write cannot use the format that comes from read

I would like a way to get all the defaults on demand, save the results, and later restore them all. I don’t want to do it with Time Machine, because that would also revert changes I have made in content.

The reason is that Apple keeps changing settings. Seems like almost every week I try to open an image file and find that Apple has changed it from GraphicConverter to Preview, or .csv from LibreOffice to Numbers, or .mp3 from Amadeus to Music. I have many times restored all of these to my preference, and it keeps happening. It’s been filed in bugreporter long ago with no response.

I have an AppleCare on this laptop. Might it be worthwhile calling them? When I had a problem with, it was weeks of trial and error before the guy declared it “fixed.” They have ignored two or more messages saying “no, it is NOT fixed.”