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At PrimalChain we make your dreams come true! Primal Chain is an automatic online platform, a registered company and fully registered in the UK. Primal Chain is a team of professionals and experts focused on cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges and markets, investing in world-class advantageous and profitable cryptocurrencies. The Urkette is a combination of careful preparation and fruitful work of experts in the field of crypto-currency trading and investment.

We're here to help investors make huge profits with their capital. Our motive is to help with confidence and build the capital of our investor. Our name stands for effective and profitable crypto trading solutions and investments where our investors need little or no trading and crypto experience. Your money will work for you here with fully maximized profits.


The team of highly skilled, talented, professional and experienced dealers at PrimalChain are passionate about cryptocurrency, offering their customers effective crypto currency trading and investment strategies with a unique tactic based on their experience of priceless wealth and a crazy profit on theirs Invest and increase their profits under their experienced and careful management.

PrimalChain has created many security features for these operations. The primary chain trades in cryptocurrencies because it is a more stable currency system and offers our investors a variety of investment opportunities where we can ensure their greatest success with our investment strategies.

Plans Details:

8% daily life
Minimum deposit: 0.002 BTC
Maximum deposit: 0.5 BTC

9% daily life
Minimum deposit: 0.5002 BTC
Maximum deposit: 1 BTC

10% daily life
Minimum deposit: 1.002 BTC
Maximum deposit: 2 BTC

11% daily life
Minimum deposit: 2,002 BTC
Maximum deposit: 5 BTC

12% daily life
Minimum deposit: 5,002 BTC
Maximum deposit: no limit