Primewire is back | Proxies-free

If it were us, we would use the domain (which was sold to someone else this morning for ~ $ 10,000). However, the original Primewire was a great site, so we want to rebuild it to capture everything we liked about the old site. Why should we throw away a clean design and a great name that millions of people knew and loved? I think if you look at the website you will find that what we have done so far is of a high quality and you can expect more to come. The backend was written in a modern framework from the ground up with the best technology available (without PHP or WP Bs). So it's very efficient and scalable. I think you will find that our site reacts much faster than the old site has ever been.

In short, we are not the safe developers of .ag, but we are here in the long run and hope you will join us.

If you have suggestions on how we should develop the website, please let us know. We are currently working on a backend system to keep the meta information of the films consistent and up to date, as well as a chat system.