Print Server – "keep printed documents" that re-enable themselves

We have Windows Server 2016 as a print server with about 40 different brand printers (Ricoh, HP, Konica), most of which are deployed via a GPO. A few months ago, the jobs filled the queue after the jobs were printed. We disable the "Keep Printed Documents" option, clear the queues, and work properly until the workday is over. The next morning, they will automatically re-enable the "Keep Printed Documents" option and the queues will fill up again. I've been looking for not finding a lot of information or people with the same problem, except for an article about a single Brother printer that needs to be set to "RAW", but not here. We have PrintAudit and PaperCut Print Logger to monitor our use. However, we tried to uninstall both to see if the problem persists. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated! Many Thanks!