printing – How to develop large dark room prints?

I want to make some large dark room prints (40×50 or larger). However the dark room I have access to, does not have room for 40×50 trays. So before I go and make a whole bunch of mistakes, working out how to do this I would like to know if there any tried and true methods that someone can point me in the direction of.

I am happy with how I am going to set up an enlarger sideways to make the exposure, it is just how to develop the print which I need to work out.

Half baked ideas I have:

  1. Use a 20l ‘poly-pail’ (bucket with a sealing lid) and use it like a rotary tank
  2. Make a thin vertical tank out of acrylic sheet
  3. Hold the exposed print vertically above the sink and use a aquarium pump to hose the print down with dev fix etc.
  4. Use a wall paper wetting bucket and carefully dunk the paper in and out (under the wire).

Any suggestions?