printing – How to set up LAN Printer with IP address

On a Moto G (5) Plus running Android 8.1.0, API 27, I have Default Print Service under Settings > Connected devices > Printing.

When I click on Default Print Service it starts searching for printers, which doesn’t return anything, even though my printer and phone are on 192.168.3.x (my home LAN). I can click the 3 dot menu and click Add printer, then under Add manual printer, I type the IP address of the printer, but the result is immediate:

Printer not supported

The printer is connected to the LAN through a JetDirect 300X (yes, very old technology). But the printer works fine when configured to receive output from Windows machines. On Windows, I put in the IP address, Port Number 9100, protocol Raw. The driver is HP LaserJet5, which comes with Windows.

Beyond the default print service, I also tried and HP Print Service that I found on GooglePlay, but I could not find a way to manually add a printer using that.

Is there a way to get my phone to print to this LAN connected printer?