printing – HP Printer on Ubuntu 18.04 – Duplex (print on both sides) not working even though the option is available

I have a HP Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M477fdn, and am trying to print on both sides on Ubuntu 18.04.

If I open any app (pdf reader, or a pdf through Chrome), I can select the “print on both sides” option.

But when I hit print, it just prints one-sided.


  • If I print using a Windows laptop, it supports 2-sided just fine.
  • If I print a pdf from Google Drive using my android phone, that also works.
  • If I visit the CUPS admin page, I can see that 2-sided printing is on.

I assume this is an issue with my local drivers, but I don’t think there’s a specific driver I can install, other than what CUPS discovers for me.

How might I get this to work?