printing – Print each process in OPL


I’m a college student in Taiwan and I’m doing a research about “how much wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels should be installed to satisfy the require of minimum energy penetration rate in a semiconductor factory”.

My professor hope I can display each variable in each period, but I don’t know what code I should write.
Maybe there will be “execute” and “writeln” in my code? But there is nothing happened.

The following is my brief code:

{string} product = ...;
range time = 1..2;
{string} GreenPower = ...;
string NonGreenPower = ...;

dvar float InPut[product][time]; //In t period, amount of input of products
dvar float working[product][time]; //In t period, amount of working of products
dvar float OutPut[product][time]; //In t period, amount of output of products

So, I want to see the change in IntPut in each time, how to do it.

Thanks for your reading and tolerating my grammatical or spelling mistakes QQ