Priority Queue in Python – Code Review Stack Exchange

I’ve implemented a priority queue without using the built-in heap or PriorityQueue functionalities.

The implementation is like a queue in addition to the below:

  1. Element with the highest priority is at the front of the queue
  2. If an element is not in the queue, it as added after the element containing priority greater than or equal to its priority.
class PriorityQueue:

    def __init__(self):
        self.items = ()

    def enqueue(self, element):
        Add data to the queue as per it's given priority. If item is already
        present then update its priority.
        priority, data = element

        if len(self.items) == 0:
            self.items.append((priority, data))

        for item in range(len(self.items)):
            if data in self.items(item)(1):
                self.items(item)(0) = priority
            elif data not in self.items(item)(1):
                if self.items(item)(0) < priority:
                    self.items.insert(item, (priority, data))

    def dequeue(self):
        Remove the item with the highest priority from the queue and return
        return self.items.pop(0)

    def peek(self):
        Return item in the front of the priority queue.
        return self.items(0)

    def is_empty(self):
        Return if the priority queue is empty or not.
        return self.items == ()

Would appreciate any suggestions that would improve the implementation