privacy – Do websites ever delete data about me and my activities?

I’m going to write a short answer anyway, even though I believe this question is not relevant in this community, and it’s probably going to be closed soon (I see 2 close votes already).

Here are some relevant parts from PorhHub’s privacy policy:

Your Rights Related to Your Personal Information

You may exercise your right to access and deletion (…)


Please note that unless you have created an account with us, we may
not have sufficient information to identify you and therefore may not
be in a position to respond to your request. Additionally, in some
cases in order to adequately verify your identity or your
authorization to make the request, we may require you to provide
additional information.

Retention of Personal Information

We will only retain your personal information for as long as your
account is active, or for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes
we collected it for
, including for the purposes of satisfying any
legal, accounting, or reporting requirements.

To determine the appropriate retention period for personal data, we
consider a number of factors, including what personal data we are
processing, the risk of harm from any unauthorised disclosure, why we
are processing your personal data and whether we can achieve this
outcome by another means without having to process it.

Where we no longer need to process your personal information for the
purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, we will delete your personal
information from our systems.

Where permissible, we will also delete your personal information upon
your request as explained above in the section “Your Rights Related to
Your Personal Information”.

So there’s no way to know, unless you contact them and ask for more details (and I’m not sure they will give you all the details you want, although according to the GDPR you should have the right to ask them and they might be required to give an answer). In any case, supposing they told you they delete all traffic logs after 6 months, are you going to believe them? Is there a way to know if they are lying, or if their policies are actually enforced? No (unless there’s an investigation or something).

Xvideos’ privacy policy is similar, they provide no details other than saying that they retain your personal information for as long as necessary. How long should a website keep the traffic logs for security purposes? I have no idea. It would be an interesting question to ask, but as always I have no idea whether it would be considered opinion-based here.