Privacy – Find and delete FACEBOOK hooks from my registry

I found tons of Facebook hooks in my registry and I want them to disappear !!
I make a habit of going to FACEBOOK to block their cookie, because I DO NOT want me to be connected to it when I log out (and remember to log out of all the windows (tabs) If you are logged in as if you were logged in. Leave ONE open, you are still connected – not understandable if you do not block your cookie in your browser (and why I like the IE desktop since it is it is easy to make sure that it is locked).

Now I want to get rid of them in my registry too
Several people use my computer and I found out when another person used my computer to create a Facebook account, other IDs came up. That made me realize that my MASCHINE is addictive !!

I am tired of infiltrating all these interventions on my private machine into my privacy. and Facebook is number one on this list of intruders – but NOT alone, not at all.

Please help to DELETE all these entries of the facebook registry for sure

thanks (this question was asked and closed in 2015 because someone said it was OFF-topic, safety is never an issue)