private key – Having trouble claiming BCH from pre-fork BTC (managed to claim BTG with no issues)

I had some BTC in an old Jaxx wallet, that was then later updated to Jaxx Liberty wallet.

Though I held the BTC before the BCH fork I’ve never seen the BCH appear in my Jaxx Liberty wallet.

Using my private key I’ve managed to retrieve my BTG into a new ElectrumG wallet so I was hoping it would be just as straight forward to claim my BCH into a new Electron Cash wallet.

I’ve tried both Wallet > Private Keys > Sweep… and Import… to claim the BCH, but both fail when I provide my original BTC private key in the followings ways:

Sweep: “No inputs found. (Note that inputs need to be confirmed)”

Import: “The following addresses were added: (address was here, removed for posting)”

My BTC address is of the older variety starting with a 1, in case that’s relevant to my troubles.

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?