private key – How to generate a very secure wallet with Electrum?

For a poor-mans glacier protocol, looking for:

One private key – an alphanumeric string used to secure the funds
The cold storage address – an alphanumeric string designating the virtual “location” of the funds
The “redemption script” – an additional code needed to access funds, shared by all private keys.

but can I accomplish something similar with the Electrum wallet? Based on IRC discussions, I’ve been pointed to libsecp256k1 for generating the keys.

see also:

Where I get stuck is with the what, precisely, to write down and what medium to use. Because writing down a private key in its entirety seems a questionable endeavor, at best. so, it’s a matter of noting the “words” used to deterministically re-generate the private key?

In that context, how do I use electrum to generate a wallet approaching the security provided by something like the glacier protocol? Assuming all else is equal, particularly with regards to quarantined hardware et. al.