product photography – What causes color artifacts on the strings while shooting guitars?

To anyone reading this in the distant future 2021 and beoynd.

You can also remove the aliasing by capturing red, green and blue separately.

Assuming you are using a tripod, you can shoot with color filters or gels in front of the camera. (Or gels in front of strobes, but that requires a pretty dark room.)

Take one shot per red, green and blue color. Either shoot in black and white on the camera, or convert each shot to black and white in post.

Then, merge the three layers, with each layer representing red, green and blue. This can be done in Photoshop or with tools such as ImageMagick.

This will remove any aliasing, but requires that the setup is stable enough to not move the camera or subject between exposures.

The idea is not a new one.

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