Programming Languages ​​- Visual Basic Tax Calculator Project

For my first project in my CS class I have to create a "simple" control calculator, but I can not even start it.
For your first project you create a control computer. You will need to create your program and enter the information for each person to create a personal tax report for them. You enter your code, your user interface, and a screenshot demonstration of EVERY of the users' tax reports.

You must spend the amount of federal, state, local and Fica tax. Netpay must also be displayed. This issue must be either in a text box or preferably in a label. No message boxes!

Your UI should be easy to use and clearly labeled so an inexperienced user can use it without confusion. Your program may only have one button to perform all necessary calculations.

Tax rules:

You will receive the following items for each person: Gross income, the amount to which you contribute 401 K if you live in a city or not. Based on this information, you must extrapolate all other data by applying rules.

tax rates

Federal interest rate depends on FedAGI (adjusted gross income)

FedAGI = gross – a constant standard deduction of 10,500, then minus 401K contribution

There is also a normal AGI that is used to calculate all other taxes.

AGI = gross minus 401,000 contributions

Tax rate = 0% if FedAGI <= 8500

10% if fedAGI is between 8501 and 10,000

12% if FedAGI is between 10001 and 20000

13.5% is fedAGI between 20001 and 29000

15% if fedAGI is between 29001 and 50,000

18% if FedAGI is between 5,000 and 125,000

25% if fedAGI is between 125001 and 200000

30% if fedAGI is between 200001 and above

The state tax is always 3.07% of the AGI

The local tax depends on the residence of the person.

Residents of the city = 2% of the AGI

Non-city = 1% of the AGI

FICA = 6.2% of the AGI on the first 75000. Example: If the AGI was 78,000, FICA would only be charged on the first 75,000 of them. FICA = 75000 * 0.062

Netpay is a normal AGI less all taxes.

People with whom you can test your program. You only need to enter ALL of these people (including name) in your program through the UI. You may not program your information into the source code.


Gross income: 41,000

401K: 2500

Residents of the city


Gross income: 54500

401K: 4500

Not resident in the city


Gross income: 24,000

401K: 0

Not resident in the city


Gross income: 38500

401K: 3000

Residents of the city


Gross income: 87,000

401K: 9000

Residents of the city

Project 1 P-code

Enter gross from the text box

Enter 401k from the text box

Calc AGI (gross minus 401,000)

Calculated FedAGI (gross minus 401,000 minus SD)

* Order of the tax calculation makes no difference *

Calculation tax (0.0307 of normal AGI)

Calculate the Federtax * You need a big If-testblock *

                                When fedagi <= 8500 then

        Fedtax = fedagi times 0

        Elseif fedagi >8500 and fedagi <= 10000 then

...... .. * You will finish the rest and make sure the two-way tests on both sides of the AND clause are complete! *

Calculate localtax * use the check in, put a checkbox in your form and use the if-test in *

They use agi regularly for localtax

Calculate Ficatax this is a binary test!

                                At less than or equal to 75,000, Ficatax is 0.062 times agi. Otherwise Ficatax is 0.062 times 75000

Calculate netpay agi minus all 4 calculated taxes. Note: It is NOT gross on agi!

Post your 4 taxes and netpay to your UI to display to the user