project management – What is the best way to keep track of versions of multiple micro services delivered as part of a software solution?

We have an enterprise solution which consists of multiple components which are in turn comprised of micro services. We cater to both onprem and hosted models.
The challenge is to keep track of the GIT tag and version details of the components/services that are delivered to customers.
I am looking for a tool that would help track these and open to building one as well. I built a prototype on mvc but looking for something nimbler and easy to host.

Looking for abilities to be able to search for specific version or service. Also the customers might have several labs so a consolidated view will be very helpful.
Like I said, I built a prototype using mvc but would like a more nimble, open source tech stack (if there is no tool already) to maintain the data.
Also, was wondering if the same can be achieved through PowerApps or Sharepoint lists? The grid view/consolidated view along with search are my biggest requirements.

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