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You may experience a drought in your forum or blog, or you may simply be aware of the concept of content-related content. Many older or less active sites have chosen to completely hide the publication date of their articles and content. There are many reasons to do this, eg. For example, new visitors may not want to see how inactive the site is currently. However, there are also some disadvantages. In this short article, you'll learn about the positive and negative implications of hiding booking data for content on your site.

When an average citizen visits a community, popular content is often displayed. What should the administrator do, however, if not much new content is received? Everyone has seen a blog or forum where there have been news posts for weeks, sometimes even months. This can be a big turnaround for new visitors, as they do not want to invest their time and effort in a community that may not even appreciate their contributions. On the other hand, extremely popular communities have the opposite effect. It can be difficult to attract attention when hundreds of members per minute / hour share content on the site. Some people are afraid of the prospect of nobody being involved with them, and others do not like the idea that there is so much activity that they can not build real relationships in the online community. What is the answer? There is a middle ground. The ideal place for a website is when the community has enough content to be active, but not enough when it becomes extremely difficult to attract attention. An example of this ideal scenario is a medium-sized Facebook hobbyist group, in which the same group of people are involved every day. An example of a very active site would be a subreddit (category pretty much) on Reddit, where only top quality content is perceived and distracts everything else to never be seen again. It can be very frustrating to share good content on Reddit just to get no answers.

With all this it can be said that hiding postal data is ideal as it will solve some problems (we will consider the HUGE disadvantage in the next section). On the one hand, an inactive community is immediately more active, because newcomers have no idea that certain discussions are weeks old or that certain categories have received little attention for months. Extremely active forums or blogs (websites that receive hundreds, if not thousands, or millions of submissions every day) will barely affect date fading. This is because content is added so often that users quickly notice that new content is constantly being displayed on the Home page, in the category list, or in the feed of the content, even if you hide the publication date.

However, this has massive disadvantages. Let's relate it to a vacation. If the brochure does not mention how run-down the tourist facilities are, and how few tourist services there are in the area, how likely is it for a traveling honeymoon couple to stay at this destination? Well, if they put a lot of money into this trip, they could stay out of necessity. Or they may choose to spend their money to leave the area and spend elsewhere. If this place has been properly advertised, the people who come know how it will be and do not expect much more. They know what they are getting into. When I did charity work in Kenya and India, I knew that I would not spend a lot of time in luxury or comfort. For that reason I was not disappointed and I loved my time there. However, if the organization hid the complaints from me and pretended that the journey was heavenly, I would have been seriously disappointed and might even have left the trip to sleep in a nice hotel in another city. Your website is like a destination. If you hide the publication date of your content, you may be able to "lie" to new members. This is less true or extremely active communities, but definitely for less active sites. When they arrive, maybe it's anything but dandy, but they'll surely find that there is a drought, and maybe even look for a new website where they can spend their time. Personally, I think it may be a good idea to hide booking data, but only in certain scenarios.

It can have the positive and negative impact of hiding the publishing content from content on your site. However, there are some websites that can handle it. These sites are usually associated with something I call "timeless content" or SEO heaven, or better yet, a great way to make money. Although I do not spend much time on YouTube anymore, I recently reached the milestone of 5 million with only 8,000 subscribers. That's because I've spent a lot of time creating timeless content … videos, articles or online content that will not become invalid or irrelevant after a long time. An example of time-sensitive content is a news bulletin about a local event, while an example of timeless content is "10 craziest storms in human history" … This content can be interesting if you share it, or even 10 years later. Timeless content has a much greater chance of being relevant and being shared on social media or ranking high on search engines. Timeless content, in my opinion, is one of the few types of media whose data should be removed, and here's why.

It does not matter when content is shared on your site, if that's always relevant. For that reason, hiding the date is not malicious. If you hide the date in an article called "Best Web Host," it will be extremely misleading for readers to read this article years later. If you hide the date in an article titled "My Experience as a Professional Trainer," it's less harmful because the content is completely valid, regardless of the year. In forums, it can be quite stupid to hide the date of the discussions for users seeking help or advice, since the respondents will most likely never really help the original poster and actually encourage you to lose their time. However, it is less rude to hide the data in a forum that deals with the sharing of time-independent content.

So, if you have a writer's block on your blog or are having trouble starting your forum, you may have considered hiding the data to make your site more active. I want to encourage you to think about all these points. Let's update – If you hide the data on an inactive site, you will become They seem to be more active, but leave a bad taste in the mouth of a newcomer as soon as they realize that the site is not as active as they thought … like a honeymoon couple being invited to a rundown resort. If you hide the dates in time-sensitive content, you're wasting time on others. However, if your content is always relevant due to the unique theme of your website, you may be able to find a hidden date because it's always interesting content, no matter what year it is. They have the advantage of "replenishing" old content to the top / front of your website, as they are still relevant and most people treat it as new content. Think about all these things before you remove the release dates. There is a high chance that you will lose newcomers if they feel overwhelmed. If your website is inactive and you are still attracting new visitors or contributors, you have a better chance of staying because they knew what they were joining.

Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy article and thoughts on hiding publications or publication dates from discussions, articles, and content in forums or blogs.