Proxmox host as NFS server or guest container as NFS server?

I want to setup a NFS server to make my data accessible between machines. I have one physical machine that has Proxmox installed, I don’t have another machine to use as a separate NFS server. Now I’m trying to figure out what is my best option to setup the NFS server.

Note: on the Proxmox host is a volume that needs to be used as data storage volume for the NFS server.

I thought I have two options:

  1. Install NFS server directly on the proxmox server and access the
    data from the clients by pointing to the proxmox host. The proxmox
    host manages the shares etc.

  2. Install a container node on proxmox, install the nfs-kernel-server
    package on the container node and mount the data storage volume. The
    NFS container node manages the the shares etc.

Note: There are two separate nodes in option #1, Node #1 and Node #2 (forgot to change it.)

Any advise is appreciated!