proxy – my ip address comes out from a different ISP/Country

I noticed suddenly something weird on my PC. I am currently in Italy, Google all of a sudden is displayed in Arabic, and my IP is from an ISP in Czech Republic, and it is obviously different from the Italian ISP I am connected to.

In my phone with only WIFI enabled and mobile data disabled, I can see that the IP assigned is from the correct ISP.
I run a test from, and I see the Czech IP. The same IP is displayed double checking from

Chrome sometimes hangs with the error ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED, but I do not have a proxy set.

My phone when it is connected to the same wifi correctly shows the Italian ISP. When I use my phone as hotspot using the mobile carrier instead, when I do a speed test the ISP is the correct one from my mobile carrier, but the Ookla server assigns a Czech server as the closest one.
All other devices in my premises (PCs, phones, tablets) correctly display the address, so maybe this would rule out possible router hijacking.
I ran a scan with my antivirus and nothing relevant came back.

Any other ideas of what to look for or what it could be?