Proxy settings for localised marketing

Hi all,

I work with websites targetting various countries and have to check that these websites work and display correctly (right language, correct currencies, correct phone numbers, etc.). For instance, I have a site targeting the French market so I need to make sure that the website is in French and display currencies as Euro. I also need to check my paid ads and competitors’ paid ads in to see what these look like for French web users.

I have set up squid proxy server in France. The IP is french and the data centre is based in France.

Then I change the proxy settings in the browser with the proxy IP and port 3128. If I go to I can see that Google sees my IP as French and I see “France” at the bottom of

If I search for keywords I know my competitors are targeting I don’t see any ads? It seems like Google is still seeing I am actually accessing from the UK through my French proxy.

Can I set up the squid proxy settings or change the browser settings so I am seen as a proper French web user based in France?