python 3.x – Does anyone have any roblox hack injectors

Does anyone have any roblox hack injectors I can download that you have made?

import random

words = ('chicken', 'dog', 'cat', 'mouse', 'frog', 'elephant', 'zebra', 'horse', 'alphabet', 'rat', 'fat', 'gate', 'programme', 'yell', 'goat', 'trash', 'hanged', 'water', 'fish', 'turtle', 'eight', 'none', 'one')
lives_remaining = 14
guessed_letters = ''

def play():
    word = pick_a_word()
    while True:
        guess = get_guess(word)
        if process_guess(guess, word):
            print('You win! Well Done!')
        if lives_remaining == 0:
            print('You are Hung!')
            print('The word was: ' + word)
def pick_a_word():
    return random.choice(words)
def get_guess(word):
    print('Lives Remaining: ' + str(lives_remaining))
    guess = input(' Guess a letter or whole word?')
    return guess

def print_word_with_blanks(word):
    display_word = ''
    for letter in word:
        if guessed_letters.find(letter) > -1:
            # letter found
            display_word = display_word + letter
            # letter not found
            display_word = display_word + '-'
def process_guess(guess, word):
    if len(guess) > 1 and len(guess) == len(word):
        return whole_word_guess(guess, word)
        return single_letter_guess(guess, word)

def whole_word_guess(guess, word):
    global lives_remaining
    if guess.lower() == word.lower():
        return True
        lives_remaining = lives_remaining - 1
        return False

def single_letter_guess(guess, word):
    global guessed_letters
    global lives_remaining
    if word.find(guess) == -1:
        # letter guess was incorrect
        lives_remaining = lives_remaining - 1
    guessed_letters = guessed_letters + guess.lower()
    if all_letters_guessed(word):
        return True
    return False

def all_letters_guessed(word):
    for letter in word:
        if guessed_letters.find(letter.lower()) == -1:
            return False
    return True