python 3.x – Is Django good for backend and frontend UI, and can we make very cool and nice UIs

I want to learn a framework for website development using python because I know python and basic C++.
I know about Django and I also know I can create an overpowered backend but can Django make a cool and beautiful user interface and UI. Cause the front end also matters. And I personally would love the design of even a simple calculator website. Can we do things like linear gradients on background, transparent widgets, and many more things for UI.

Flask is just not good enough to be designed and also I am not a big fan of HTML and CSS.

If you have any other framework you can tell me and if you want me to edit the question you can comment and tell me because I am not good at asking questions on stack overflow and stack exchange, asked 3 questions -6 on one, -23 one another.