python 3.x – Numpy ndarray shape and size are the same but the data shows they are different

I am capturing data from a device. The data comes back as numpy.ndarray and looks like below:

(array((1.51734953, 1.09131974, 1.35838115, ..., 0.        , 0.        ,
       0.        )), array((0.0000e+00, 2.0000e-09, 4.0000e-09, ..., 3.9994e-05, 3.9996e-05,

I wanted to find out what is the type of the data I am dealing with so I wrote in my code:

print(data.shape, data.size, type(data))

the output of the print came back as:

>>>(20000,) 20000 <class 'numpy.ndarray'

which makes no sense. As you see from the actual data it has two arrays of the same size inside a larger array. What can I do to find out the dimension and the side of the arrays inside the larger array? Also, what am I missing here?