python – Calculate the mean of a nested group if the condition holds

I own a dataset (df) which contains the historical daily (date) demand (demand) of different supermarkets (id_store). Each id_store offers different products (id_product), but the assortment varies daily, so the same id_product is not offered every day.

My goal is to find the mean demand of the last four identical weekdays (t-7, t-14, t-21, t-28) for each id_product of the respective id_store, if the id_product was offered in the id_store on more than one identical weekday. If the id_product was not offered on any or only one identical weekday, NaN should be returned.

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd

def mean_weekday_4w(df):

    query = "id_store == '%s' & id_product == '%s' & (date == '%s' | date == '%s' | date == '%s' | date == '%s')"
    mean_weekday_list = ()

    for i, row in df.iterrows():
        df_query = df.query(query % (row("id_store"),
                                     row("date") - pd.Timedelta(days=7),
                                     row("date") - pd.Timedelta(days=14),
                                     row("date") - pd.Timedelta(days=21),
                                     row("date") - pd.Timedelta(days=28)))
        if df_query.shape(0) >= 2:

    df.loc(:, "mean_weekday_4w") = mean_weekday_list

    return df

I know using iterrows is very inefficient but all my attemps using groupby have failed.