python – Can using multiprocessing with more than 50 subprocesses damage the hardware or even compromise it?

I read that theoretically multiprocessing is practically unlimited in python. But I develop on a home PC and it doesn’t have as much processing power. I looked for multiprocessing as the last output to create a program that could perform multiple tasks at the same time, I couldn’t find a way other than creating multiple scripts (programs at the same time) or pyhton’s own multiprocessing library.

Unfortunately the program is read from top to bottom and what I intend to do involves simultaneous and parallel executions.

I wonder if multiprocessing will compromise my home pc if used in an uncontrolled way, for example, many subprocesses running at the same time. And, in case it compromises, is there a way to know the limit of subprocesses opened simultaneously that the pc will be able to support before ‘crashing’?