python – Can’t use getList() with a MultiValueDict

I am uploading images using Axios/Next.JS/Django, and I am appending 4 images to form data. When I print(request.FILES) I get

<MultiValueDict: {'images': (<InMemoryUploadedFile: HARRY-POTTER-HERMIONE-GRANGER-MAGIC-WAND__0082686381314-Z.JPG (image/jpeg)>, <InMemoryUploadedFile: harry-potter-wand-gringotts.jpeg (image/jpeg)>, <InMemoryUploadedFile: HarryPotterWandNN8415.jpeg (image/jpeg)>, <InMemoryUploadedFile: Hgwand.webp (image/webp)>)}>

Which is correct, but when I go to loop through the data (request.FILES.getList('images')) to save it to an S3 bucket I get the error: AttributeError: 'MultiValueDict' object has no attribute 'getList'.

Everything I’ve seen on SO and other places are telling me to use getList(). Am I missing something here?