python – class that handles the rpg game map

I created a class to handle maps in my RPG game, before it became a class this was a collection of functions I created, but I thought it could be used as a class. although this code is working but i am not sure what i made. changing the function set to OOP confuses me.

import os

import pygame

import helper_func as hf

class Map:
    def __init__(self): = ()
        self.images = {}
        self.tile_size = (50, 50)

    def load_map(self, path):
        ''' load map from txt to 2d list '''
        f = open(path, "r")
        file =

        sep = file.split("n")
        for tile in sep:
            numbers = tile.split(",")

    def generate_key(image):
        result = ()
        for char in image:
                if isinstance(int(char), int):
            except Exception:

        return "".join(result)

    def map_images(self, path):
        ''' load tileset image to dictionary '''
        images = os.listdir(path)
        for image in images:
            key = Map.generate_key(image)
            self.images(key) = hf.load_image(f"{path}/{image}", self.tile_size(0), self.tile_size(1))

    def render(self, screen):
        y = 0
        for row in
            x = 0
            for tile in row:
                screen.blit(self.images(tile), (x, y))

                x += self.tile_size(0)

            y += self.tile_size(1)

Is there anything that needs to be fixed?