python – Design choices for scaling an app that must execute scheduled API calls and meet deadlines

I have a bottle-based application in Python that lets users schedule certain tasks, which are API calls to other REST services. I have to do these tasks exactly at the scheduled time and repeat them shortly afterwards if they fail.

Normally, I could have a cron job or something similar that simply initiates all tasks that would be done on its own time. In this case, it is really important that all jobs run at 11:00 am within one minute of that time and are often scheduled at similar times. For example, 10 o'clock has many tasks, but at 22 o'clock there are none. This could change as global users begin using the application, but we are not there yet.

I could create my own script to create threads or use it in Python async. I had hoped that there would be something ready to do that with a certain operational readiness, but ideally the solution would be relatively easy to integrate and support.