python – Find two numbers that equal to target value


Given some random array of numbers like (3, 5, -4, 8, 11, 1, -1, 6) and a target value 10
Find two numbers within the array that equal to the target value.


def two_Number_Sum(array, target):
    unique_number_set = set()
    for num in array:
        required_value = target - num
        if required_value in unique_number_set:
            return (num, required_value)
    return ()

print(two_Number_Sum((3, 5, -4, 8, 11, 1, -1, 6), 10))

I am wondering if i can make this answer more pythonic. I don’t have a python background so a lot of times i write code like java or another language and i figure it will be good practice to critique myself and write code that is more pythonic so it becomes natural.