python – If other objects can modify an attribute, is it truly private?

I am working in Python so attribute privacy isn’t enforced. I have a Library class that stores a list of library Items related to that library. I want to be able to access the library Items through the Library class. Right now I accomplish that by returning the “private” items attribute. However, any class would then be able to modify that list. Would I need to make a “deep copy” of these in order for the items attribiute to be truly private? Should I just make the attribute public?

class Library():
    def __init__(self, name) -> None:
        self._hours = ()
        self._items = ()
        self._name = name
    def get_hours_str(self):
        ret = ""
        for day in self._hours:
            ret += day + 'n'
        return ret

    def get_items(self):
        return self._items